Floral Endeavours

This was it! The first project to start my final year at university. It was going to be a big one! Because in this project we were working on something which had been set to us my international lingerie brand Triumph. World known as some of the best innovators in bra technology, with specific attention […]

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Shades of Saffron

So, this was probably the most thrilling part of 2nd year! For our final year project we were given free reign with our creativity, to come up with something entirely exciting and innovative. It was time for the Cabinet of Curiosities! As the project name suggests, it was time for the start of the rest […]

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It’s a Trend!

I’m an amateur CAD enthusiast, I love digital illustrations, digital layouts, and well anything that involves Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. So when the time came around to create a digital trend forecasting look book, for world renowned trend forecasting network WGSN, I was in my element! Given the option to develop 1 of their 4,¬†already […]

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The Iris Corset

So, let me finally take you back to 1 year ago! After being¬†set a task to create a bespoke corset to fit a fellow peer with the aim of reducing their natural waist by 2″, so it was naturally a very exciting time to be me! Straight away I knew the natural formation of agate […]

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Hello all! Welcome to my little slice on the internet! Here I aim to showcase my progression through my 3rd and final year as a Contour Fashion student at De Montfort University. Take a dip into my ILLICIT delicacies…

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